The regular Top Load Washer, even though the most familiar and easy to use, is the easiest to abuse and misuse, causing you much frustration with your wash load and extra time and money spent drying.

The Top Load Washer is not a Commercial Grade machine and is meant for the smallest and lightest of loads. It just cannot handle heavy wet items such as jeans, towels and certainly not blankets, rugs, or even bed sheets. All of the items combined in a Top Load Washer should weigh no more than 6-8 lbs total weight, wet in the washer, after absorbing the water during the fill cycle.

The Double sized Front Load Washer, for example, yes, costs .75-$1.50 more up front, but you are washing 20 lbs of clothes in it, the clothes will wash better, the high G-forces created in the Commercial Front Load Washer during the final spin cycle will have your clothes coming out much more dry, and less of your time and money will be spent in the dryers.

Please see equipment for loading and operating instructions for more detail.